Welcome To Esmart College-Kikuyu Campus

Silvester Mwangi
CICT sec 5 and 6

I am Silvester Mwangi currently doing CICT part III. I started my IT journey back in the year 2011 where I started with the technical part of CICT which is ICTT. I’ve enjoyed each and every step I’ve made due to the accommodating environment surrounding the school.

The administrative fraternity has been flexible enough in that they administer a schedule that involves the students themselves in planning it. They have also understood enough that all students are not the same when it comes to understanding in classes and for that matter have provided for extra classes on request by students.

I have also enjoyed the company of my fellow students who we associate with, both on the business of IT courses. What is highly notable is the school’s calendar of events. This consist of the college major events within a semester, events such as sports and trips allows for socialization between the students and the lecturers and social day allows the college to lend a helping hand to the needy. There are also three internal C.A.Ts that help the lecturers gauge how prepared the students are just before we sit for the main External Exams.

I have enjoyed my journey in this College upto the level I am in and looking forward to the remaining time. This is a college I have recommended to my friends who were not disappointed thus would confidently recommend to you to tell a friend to tell a friend about ESMART COLLEGE!

Sam Thuku
ATC Level 2

As it all goes, high school is not the end of education, and there is always one step for ones ultimate goal achievement. As I took a forwarding step to enlighten and brighten my future, I enrolled myself with Esmart College with pursuit and anxiety to quench my thirst of equipping the skills, knowledge and tactics of how to be a smart and a competitive person in the current job market as a CPA student. The glamour Esmart College is one of the best colleges not by anything tangible but by the devotion dedication and commitment the lecturers have towards their student during lecture lesson and anytime one needs help in any field.

The school offers various courses i.e. C.P.A, ATC, CICT, ICTT, Diploma in IT and packages. Our lecturers are one of the best since they have the capacity to take us all to our ultimate goals.

The school fraternity engages in various activities outside lecture lessons such as visiting children home with contributions and thereafter we participate in laundry, cooking and having fun with the kids putting a glittering smiles on their faces to make them feel loved and cared for.

In the part of spiritual fulfillment the school attends church fellowship on Wednesdays in the evening for the inner being fulfillment.

The school fraternity also organizes school trips and sports day where we tarnish and refresh our mind as we prepare for the external exams. The school has a serene environment, clean and spacious with good facilities for all.

In conclusion I would like to thank my peer mates who have helped me through to sail this journey of success and the entire fraternity for their continued support especially our lectures who not only equipped me with the required skills but also to be a smart guy.

So, don’t wastes this chance to pass you enroll now and you will be a living testimony of the school. My vote of thanks goes to Mr. Hudson who has given me this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Esmart College; My school, my future.